Commercial Services

We can design a system to meet your business needs, you can be sure we will meet your expectations.

We can also supply distribution systems to communal residential properties.

We also install, repair and maintain IRS systems.

IRS – Integrated Reception Services

An Integrated Reception Service, IRS system is ideal for developers, businesses and managing agents who wish to provide full entertainment facilities throughout their development or shopping and office units.

With IRS, you can fully equip each and every apartment or office unit with full media services ready for your residents. Analogue, digital and satellite signals, including European satellite signals can be ready to be received in each individual apartment.

One of the many benefits of an IRS system, is you are providing all suitable solutions to meet your residents expectations, and as you can provide any and all suitable systems currently available, you are offering unbiased choice for each resident as to which channels and system they wish to utilize.

CCTV Security Camera Installation

An IRS system is completely customizable and tailored to your individual requirements, and can also incorporate CCTV security camera installations, especially useful for shopping centres and office units.

Companies we have worked with include Lakehouse, Lovell and Enterprise.

We also do jobs for Pubs, Clubs and Shops and with the world cup coming up now is the time to get all your TV’s working.

To find out more about our Commercial Services, please call us on 07969 372 165, email or fill in our contact form and member of staff will be in touch.