Freesat Installations

Freesat installs are great for areas where Freeview signal is not great. Freesat is very similar to sky in the fact that both systems use the same type of dish. They both have to be aligned professionally to insure that the system runs correctly and that’s why we align all our dishes with up to date digital meters (spectrum analysers).

Positioning is also important as a clear line of sight is vital for the system to function. We always discuss positioning with customers before installing the dish and try to keep them as discreet as possible.


Above is a picture of a Squish (left) and a normal satellite dish (right), both do the same thing
just one is more discreet. We install both.

Benefits of Freesat

  • Can be installed anywhere with a clear line of sight
  • More channels than Freeview
  • Free HD channels
  • Can use existing sky dish
  • Freesat+ allows record, pause and catch up TV
  • Free catch up TV

To find out more about Freesat Installations, please call us on 07969 372 165, email or fill in our contact form and member of staff will be in touch.