Digital Aerial Upgrades

Digital-Aerial-Upgrades-HertfordshireWe offer an aerial upgrade service where we will replace your old aerial with a new wideband digital aerial that is just right for your area.

Most old aerials are ok but what we find more and more on the many upgrade jobs we attend is that the old aerials are banded aerials and therefore do not allow the whole freeview frequency range to pass thought to the TV or set top box. The most common problems associated with this are missing channels.

Another major fault we find is that old aerials have a plastic cap on the top of them. Over time these caps crack and allow water to penetrate the circuit board of the aerial this can lead to water then seeping down the coax cable and either blowing the amp or the TV which ever is connected.

Other reasons for upgrades could be poor reception such as pixilation and freezing on channels or HD channels unavailable. Many people also choose to upgrade their aerial once they have switched from Sky to BT Vision or Youview as both these systems need a good quality signal to function correctly.

To find out more about Digital Aerial Upgrades, please call us on 07969 372 165, email or fill in our contact form and member of staff will be in touch.