Sky Digital

We do independent sky installations. That means we do the install they way you want it done. For example customer Z wants Sky TV, she rings Sky up books an engineer to come round to install the dish, cables and digibox. When he arrives he tells the customer the dish has to go on the front of the house and the cable would have to go over the roof and down into the living room.

The customer lives in a conservation area so the dish is not allowed on the front of the house the sky engineer is unable to do the install. That’s where we come in if you have ever been turned down by sky for any reasons we often have a solution or if you would just like the install done differently or more discreetly then give us a call.


“ We go where sky men cant “

Sky engineers are no longer allowed in lofts.

They are not allowed to work above certain roofs.

They install dishes where they can , not always discreetly.

We have installed many sky systems in conservation areas and on listed buildings.

To find out more about our Sky Digital Services, please call us on 07969 372 165, email or fill in our contact form and member of staff will be in touch.